Legal Info

Yac publishes heaps of different fact sheets on the law and young people.


Being in Care – Making Decisions

Changes to YJ System

Childrens Court Diagram

Childrens Court Queensland

Child Protection – Offender Reporting


Court Orders

Domestic Violence

Driving, Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and Alcohol

Education – Things are not going well

Education – Suspensions

Education – State School Exclusions

Education – State School Enrolment Cancelled


Getting my stuff back

If I am Charged

Move On

Moving Out

Out of control events

Parents and Police

Parties and Police

Police – 13 facts you need to know



Sexting and the Law

Treated Unfairly

Victim of Crime

What are Rights

When Can I



The following agencies also have legal information for young people in Queensland


South West Brisbane Community Legal Centre has information on the Child Protection System for parents and workers