If you aren’t happy with how YAC has dealt with your matter………

………… first talk to the caseworker who has been working with you to see if they can explain what has happened.

If you are still not satisfied, you may contact the Centre’s Director by telephone, letter or email or by making an appointment and explain why you are unhappy. The Director is the person who has overall responsibility for the good running of the Centre.

If you are not happy with the action taken by the Director to fix up the problem, then you can make an official complaint to the Management Committee of the Youth Advocacy Centre. You can do this by sending a letter which says what you are unhappy about to:

The Chair

Management Committee

Youth Advocacy Centre Inc

Unit 4/162 Petrie Terrace


(Mark the envelope “Not to be opened by a staff member”.)

If you are not comfortable writing a letter, you can simply say that you want to speak to someone from the Management Committee about a complaint and give a phone number or email where you can be contacted.

The Director promises to make sure your letter gets to the Management Committee unopened. Someone from the Committee will contact you about your complaint.

The Management Committee will deal with your complaint fairly and listen to what you have to say. Being fair means that they will ask the staff member what they have to say as well. The Management Committee will let you know what they decide to do about your complaint.

If you need assistance to make a complaint or when talking to the Director or a person from the Management Committee, you can ask an adult who you trust to help you and they can attend any meeting you agree to have to discuss your complaint.