The Youth Advocacy Centre Inc is YAC’s registered name. YAC is an incorporated association under Queensland’s Associations Incorporation Act 1981 with responsibilities under the Act. It also has a constitution, or set of rules, which are legally binding, for the running of the organisation (contact us for a copy of the Constitution). YAC’s Management Committee has overall responsibility for the organisation and is elected annually. Details of the Committee are at the end of this page.

Our Annual Reports tell the ‘story’ of  YAC’s work with young people: what we do and why we do it (contact us if you would like earlier reports or copies of YAC’s Annual Financial Reports)

YAC Annual Report 2017/18

YAC Annual Report 2018/19

YAC Annual Report 2019/20

YAC’s Vision, Mission Statement, Philosophy and Aims and Objectives (which are included in the Annual Reports) are set out below.


Young people achieve their full potential through the community accepting collective responsibility for their importance, empowerment, rights, well-being and humanity.


To increase young people’s access to legal and social justice by speaking out with and for young people.

Our philosophy

  • Unconditional adherence to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Confidential, professional and honest engagement with young people
  • Respectful engagement with stakeholders and others for the benefit of young people
  • Holistic responses to address the interconnected and interdependent issues in young people’s lives
  • Advocacy for young people collectively as well as individually
  • Collective responsibility as a staff for working as a team and upholding and delivering on YAC’s mission and philosophy

Our strategic intent 2020-21


  1. To be strong advocates with and for individual young people in need and/or in conflict with legal and other systems across the greater Brisbane area.
  2. To be a strong voice, informed by research and evidence and the experiences of our clients, to influence and achieve better outcomes for children and young people in Queensland collectively.


To be considered a significant contributor to discussion and decisions about legal and social welfare systems and processes which have, or potentially have, an impact on children and young people at a local and state level.


  1. To have the model of the Youth Advocacy Centre acknowledged and supported as an effective and appropriate response to disadvantaged and vulnerable young people, particularly for those with legal as well as social welfare issues.
  2. To develop the current model/services, in particular to have at least two staff per program and an education/training support program, and identify innovative ways to deliver services to ensure the model is contemporary


In order to achieve the above, the following are required:

  • Security of funding – preferably a mix of government and non-government, tied and untied
  • Well qualified and supported staff
  • Contemporary policies and procedures for all aspects of the organisation
  • Strong and effective governance
  • Own premises (desirable)


YAC’s Management Committee  is responsible for the overall running of the organisation and meets generally about every 6 weeks. It is made up of members of the community who voluntarily give of their time to take this role: the current Management Committee members are listed below.

Members are elected to the Committee at YAC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is usually held around October. If you are interested in a role on the committee, please Contact us

Management Committee 2019-20

Members Position  
Damien Atkinson  Chairperson  
Nathan Robertson  Treasurer  
Janet Wight  Secretary  
Katherine Hayes Committee Member  
Terry Hutchinson Committee Member  
Claire Marchesi Committee Member  
Tarryn McMullen Committee Member  
Ashleigh Larkin  Committee Member  
Beth Toon  Committee Member  
Elizabeth Howard  Staff Representative