Government Security Officers

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Protective security officers and senior
protective security officers are people, who are
not police officers, who are hired by the
government to monitor state buildings and
facilities. The main purpose of security officers
is to act as security guards to state buildings.
At times they may also work as guards for
buildings which are not state buildings.
However if they are NOT working at a STATE
building they are not considered “government
security officers” and only have the powers of a
regular security guard – see the security guard
fact sheet.
What are the powers of protective security
If you are inside or within the precinct of a state
building, a SENIOR protective security officer
may ask:
 Your name and address
 Evidence of your name or address
(driver’s licence, student ID card etc)
 Your reason for being at the building.
If you provide the officer with false information,
do not provide any information, do not provide
any evidence of your name or address, or
provide the officer with a fake ID, or an ID card
that contains someone else’s details – then you
will have committed an offence.