Laying down the law handbook

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Laying down the Law handbook is an essential resource for anyone working with young people, not just those who have studied social science or social work. Written and produced by the Youth Advocacy Centre (YAC) the handbook provides workers with information about the child protection system, the youth justice system as well as general issues surrounding confidentiality and negligence.
The handbook contains 7 realistic scenarios
  • At the youth shelter 
  • The victim of Crime
  •  I think I might be in trouble 
  • A child in need of protection
  • The police interview 
  • Education—you’re out what now?
  • At Court
Useful topics including:
  • Court Confidentiality 
  • Drugs & alcohol
  • Comparative sentencing
  • Money
  • Child Protection
  • Moving Out
  • Court System
  • Police
  • Recording information
  • Sexual Assault
  • Searches
  • When can I ……….(at what age can I legally….) 
  • And lots more.


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