Legal Info

YAC has put together lots of information about the law and young people. Click on a topic below (listed alphabetically) for information in a question and answer format. If there are topics or questions you think are not covered, contact us and let us know!

14 Things You Need to Know

Assaults and Bullying


Being in Care – Making Decisions

Childrens Court Diagram

Childrens Court Queensland

CP Postcard front

CP Postcard – Back

Child Protection – Offender Reporting


Court Orders

Domestic Violence

Driving, Drugs and Alcohol

Education – State School Exclusions

Education – State School Enrolment Cancelled


Getting my stuff back

Government Security Officers

If I am Charged

Move On

Moving Out

When a party becomes an “Out of control” event

Police – 13 facts you need to know

Parents and Police

Parties and Police

Responsible Partying Postcard Front

Responsible Partying Postcard Back



Sexting and the Law

Treated Unfairly

Victim of Crime

What are Rights

When Can I

Your Rights in Queensland

The following agencies also have legal information for young people in Queensland